Top 10 Age Of Empires: Castle Siege Tips & Tricks

Age of Empires: Castle Siege 101

No needs to cheat or hack in order to have an advantage.

Let’s just dive right into it.



1. Save Gold, Don’t Buy it

While you will be tempted to spend gold in early game stages, please do not and save it when you do actually need it (after Age 5 or even 6), this is when you there is a pressure to finish buildings as soon as possible due to pending attacks and so on.

2. Build Walls As Soon As Possible

Another temptation is using all your hard earned resources to spend on new buildings or upgrades. Instead, build at least basic walls so your resources don’t get looted that easily and you do end up having more food and wood to spend afterwards, that also leads us to a next tip…

3. Use Walls The Smart Way

Don’t just place walls around your castle and forget them. Instead, protect your resource storage buildings and surround your towers with walls as well. This will prevent enemy troops from taking out your towers as soon as they are deployed. Also, placed both resource and tower buildings close to each other.

4. Build the Hippodrome of Constantinople

Forget your barracks, stable and archery buildings (of course, use them in very early ages). However, as soon as you are able to build the Hippodrome of Constantinople, do it! This unlocks much more powerful units: Britons Longbowmen and Franks Knight Templars. This is what I kept using for hundreds of battles and they were much more powerful than any other units out there.

5. Build Siege of Workshop & Hall of Heroes

As soon as you are able, build Hall of Heroes and Siege of Workshop, with the first one being able to provide you with a Byzantines hero (Belasirius) who can tunnel under walls and destroy them from the inside. Then just use Siege of Workshop catapults / Trebuchets and you are good to go.

6. Train Only The Best Age of Empires: Castle Siege Heroes

While you have a limited number of flags, choose heroes wisely. What are the best heroes?

Tier 1:

– Byzantines Belasirius, who, as mentioned previously, can destroy the walls from within.

Tier 2:

– Byzantines John Kourkausas, he has over 20k of health (and over 30k when upgraded to level 4), and is amazing when you want to have a tank in your army and direct all the damage to him. In addition to that, he has a special ability, which will make enemy troops run away.

– Britons Henry 5, he can temporary disable enemy towers (if you upgrade to level 2 or 3, it increases the amount of towers that you can temporary turn off. Really useful in later strages.

– Kievan Rus Rurik, while not as useful as others, assuming you have some resources to spend, do it for this guy, he can do a tremendous damage to single targets, useful when attacking towers or keep.

Tier 3:

All of the Tier 3 heroes are awesome.

– Byzantiones Nikephoros II Phokas, he too has an amazing amount of health and is basically a trebuchet. Use his special ability and you can shoot a lot of projectiles at a rapid pace.

– Britons Edward the Black Prince, he is super useful when you want to take down towers or structures as his special ability does just that.

– Franks Joan of Arc, her special ability? Converting enemies to your side, really comes in handy in castles where multiple enemy troops are placed nearby.

– Kievan Rus Alexander Nevsky, this guy is awesome, his giant catapult shoots flames when activated, enabling lasting long term damage to surrounding buildings as well.

– Saracens Saladin, he is pretty useful when you want to destroy annoying towers as his special ability allows him to shoot targets that are very far away.

– Teutonic Order Winrich von Kniprode, this guy is awesome. He can do incredible amount of damage to buildings that are placed nearby or towers. Imagine destroying 3 – 4 towers at once. That’s devastating!

7. Join the Alliance as Soon as Possible

Yes, crowns are useless but you must try to get them. Why? If you join the Alliance and build the Watch Tower, other members can send you help when your castle is under attack and do so every 70 seconds!

8. Immediately Upgrade to the Next Age

Don’t wait and advance as soon as you can, spend resources and upgrade Lumberyards. Why? As soon as you upgrade, more walls and roads are unlocked, resulting in much better defense than before. Forget about everything else and advance asap. Another benefit? Ability to build more army camps!

Age of Empires Castle Siege Attack Tips

9. Advance Palace of Mangaura to Level 4

Do it as soon as possible and unlock the second Hero slot ability. Combining Byzantines Belasirius and Teutonic Order Winrich von Kniprode is ridiculously fun and does tremendous damage. Experiment with other hero combos and find your favorites!

10. Plan Your Attacks. Keep vs. Resources?

Don’t just dive into the very first available battle. Instead, take a look at what heroes you have selected, and if you are unlikely to win, just skip the battle, unless he has a ridiculous amount of resources and you just want to loo them.

What’s the best way to loot resources? Use Longbowmen, they have a super long range and can take a lot of them without being targeted by towers.

As far as the attack itself goes, first, take out a single wall, then towers that are likely to do more damage (long range ones and a flame tower, which you should never target with units, instead, use a catapult or trebuchet).

Then check if you can reach Guard Houses or a Watch Tower that will keep spawning units. After this part is done, you can relax and do what you want. Take out towers around a Keep and you can smash it with Longbowmen or Catapult without being reached. That’s an easy win for you.


Never deploy your units at a single spot, as that spot could have traps. Test with one fast unit and rund around the castle if possible to trigger all the traps first!

Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Ammar Ahmed

    What about big attacks?? like on somebody with around 700 crowns or above?? I generally can’t do them on a pc…

    • Why can’t you do this on a PC? Time for an upgrade, maybe.

  • Duxan1

    Actually, the best hero is Tier 1 Charles Martel. Increase his level asap. He turns into a tank attracting all enemy fire (activated ability) while taking reduced damage. While the enemies are busy with him destroy all their defences using trebouchets.

  • Dave

    Longbowman against towers, your joking. Longbowman do next to no damage against towers, and they die very quickly.

  • Nick Giant

    um Martel is the best but dont increase him level past 2. Then you can use him every hour and a half instead of every 4 hours smart guy. Martel on level 2 is plenty good enough to destroy any castle. if you already upgraded Martel past level 2 thats your bad.

    • Jas B

      Thanks Nick. That’s a good suggestion. I had that doubt in mind about upgrading heroes.

    • Ernie Kramer

      I disagree. When you get to higher levels, Martel is awesome at level 4. He can pretty much take a castle out by himself. I am on level 9

  • ChrisBan35

    I’m not sure why so many use Edward the Black Prince for towers… Here’s a better use of him.. Once you are cleared of walls and have the fire of towers directed elsewhere, send Edward the Black Prince into the castle. Use his powers and the castle is down in less than 2 seconds. Even a level 9 castle falls with just a few small attacks afterwards. I’m also guaranteed a victory when I use Edward the Black Prince and Belasirius. Just too easy…

    • Bassel Barsoum

      yes, I am using same this strategy.its very effective, first I clear the way to the castle and then I attack the keep with him.

    • Jas B


    • Nitin

      Wow that was a great tip i thought he was useful… just managed to defeat using that tip with all my army gone

    • Ernie Kramer

      You are exactly correct.

  • Jas B

    Thanks Nick Giant. That’s a good suggestion. I had that doubt in mind about upgrading heroes.

  • Ram Raj

    I stopped playing this 2 years ago, but wanna comeback now. Is it possible to start afresh?

    • uthayan

      you can continue from where you left ! no need of start from fresh

  • Tamer Aslantas

    What is the best weapon against Flame Towers? Crossbows are normally the most effective against all Towers except for the Flame Tower which is pretty annoying! Longbowmen take 3 minutes to take down a Tower even when they’re with 10 squads and I don’t think they are protected from Archer Towers..

  • Owen

    Dont need to take out towers.Use Saladin and clear the way to castle,tank the towers with templars,send in Edward and demolish the castle.Then start looting and burning everything

  • annfonsi

    upgrades taking too long and paying from gold isn’t viable as well 😉 btw thanks for the suggestions.
    Ann Fonsi @