Age of Empires: Castle Siege – Review (Cross Platform Strategy)





A new strategy Age of Empires game from Microsoft Studios, however, it’s not exactly what you’d expect from the series. Either you’ll love it or hate it, there is no middle ground this time.

Supported Platforms
Windows Phone
Windows 8

Age of Empires Castle Siege Trailer


Age of Empires Castle Siege Video Review

Age of Empires Castle Siege Review


With no new games for quite some time, Microsoft has finally took the plunge and released a new Age of Empires game and this time it’s for your mobile phone and a PC. Can it live up to the legacy? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

As you might have guessed, it’s a free strategy game, which means that you’ll have to pay if you want to properly pay. Fortunately, it’s not as heavy as some other games on these “waiting” times (also no $ only items / bonuses) and can be completed without spending a penny, assuming you have patience to wait.

The actual gameplay is pretty straightforward, you being with the 1st age Keep, build your first resource gathering buildings, an army and go for your first castle siege.

The actual gameplay is pretty straightforward, you being with the 1st age Keep, build your first resource gathering buildings, an army and go for your first castle siege as this is what the game is supposed to be about, right?

Once you select a battle, a simple scouting should give you an impression on enemies defense systems and best ways to exploit them. To beat the quest you’ll have to either destroy a keep or 50% of all the buildings, so it’s up to you to decide. If you decide to go for one star only due to weak army, it’s players choice whether he or she wants a keep and a chest bonus (which could also give you gold for speeding up production) or structures such as silos, giving you a quick and easy access to the resources to expand your colony.

As you advance thorough the ages, you’ll find yourself constantly brainstorming on how to better protect your castle from raids and where to place all the essential structures. Fortunately, the number of walls you are allowed to build is limited so players must choose wisely. Next there are heroes, which you can get by destroying research buildings and boy are they awesome. Then there are barracks, archery, stable, siege workshop and special unit buildings, all to satisfy the player’s ability to diversify its strategy and achieve the best defense / offense ratio. If you do get raided, however, be prepared to loose valuable resources.

In addition to that, there are alliances, which will likely hook you up if you weren’t already. Help from clan members and the drive to be the number one in your league is definitely one more point to keep playing and advancing, and thanks to a lot of variety, it’s as fun in Age 5 as it is in Age 2.


If you can get past the initial hate because this Age of Empires game was not exactly what you’ve been waiting or expecting, you’ll actually find yourself enjoying it, be it on a phone or a PC. So what do we say? Don’t judge the game by the initial impression and give it a go.


► Xbox Achievements
► Does not require throwing money to complete the game (aka no insane difficulties)
► Cross platform data sync is awesome
► Beautiful graphics and art style
► Lots of units and strategies to choose from
► Research buildings and heroes add a lot of value
► An attempt to create a single player campaign


► Connection issues
► Can get stale after a while






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