Asphalt 8: Airborne – Review (Multiplayer Cross Platform Racing)





Asphalt 8: Airborne is the next game in the well known franchise, which supports multiplayer cross platform play (including local wifi multiplayer) as well as Xbox achievements.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
Windows 8

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Asphalt 8: Airborne Video Review

Asphalt 8: Airborne Review


When it comes to racing games on mobile phones or tablets, the controls can either make or break the game. So, did a well known game creator and publisher nailed the formula or is this another racing let down?

Gameplay & Controls

If you want a quick answer then yes, they did nail the controls, be it on your phone or a PC (it’s hard to mess up the later).

As you launch the game, the tutorial begins, which tells you all you need to know about the game and your racing carrier. The graphics and overall design looks phenomenal for a handheld game. If you’ve played Need for Speed Underground, it’s on the same level when it comes to looks, not to mention the blur effect when using nitro. The environments themselves also change, be it a snow storm or a space shuttle launch.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, you start with a single car of your choice and egin racing. There are a couple of new and awesome racing modes, such as: infected, where you are pretty much on nitro 24/7, termination, which eliminates one player every x seconds, drifting, which requires you to drift through the gates, knockdown, which asks you to knock as many cars as possible and then the classical racing. As stated before, controls are rock solid and it’s really fun to drive or knock the enemies.

Once you really start feeling the game, there’s more and more to love about it. Be it multiplayer support, car customization or challenging computer AI. Everything just works perfectly and occasionally added new levels just puts a cherry on top of this delicious cake.

However, just like with most racing games, it can get repetitive from time to time although Gameloft tries to play with car upgrades and a lot of game variations to keep you addicted, which works, at least for the most part.

What about the freemium model? While playing throughout the seasons, we did not see any need to buy gems so it’s definitely very light when it comes to this sort of practice. Another plus.


We were pretty sceptical about anyone’s ability to create an amazing racing game with controls that feel great. As it turns out, it’s indeed possible and Asphalt 8 is a living proof of that. It’s hard not t orecommend this game to anyone who loves racing games and if touch controls are not exactly your cup of tea, grab the Windows 8 version as soon as you can.


► Cross platform progress sync
► Xbox achievements
► Amazing graphics and visuals
► Great music and sound effects
► Best racing game controls we’ve seen so far
► Does not feel like a money grab
► Multiplayer support
► Local wifi multiplayer support
► Car upgrades and tuning
► Every car handles differently
► Challenging AI


► Needs more tracks as it starts to get repetitive
► Drifting levels need more polishing






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