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Windows Phone


Endless Arcade


Blitz Blotz is a beautiful, simple and addicting game that has one objective: collect coins without touching anything esle.

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Blitz Blotz Review


If you are up for some stupid simple games then Blitz Blotz is something you should get as soon as you can. Why? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

First things first. One might think that it’s impossible to create an addicting game that is of this type, however, you are wrong.

Upon launching the game you are greeted with a simple objective: collect point circles, that’s it. Where is a fun in that? Well, if you add good visuals, combine simply awesome controls that not once become the reason for frustration, add achievements and even level progression, it does end up hooking you up and the famous saying goes through your mind: Just one more round.

In addition to that, Blitz Blotz features a worldwide leader board so there will always be someone to beat. What else makes this game so fun to play? Well, it’s one of those games that is super easy to get but takes the time to master, oh, and also power ups, did I mention those?


I admit, after crossing a certain age barrier, games like “Lines” or other “endless puzzles” / plays never kept me interested enough to keep them playing. However, after playing Blotz Blotz, I was converted to the dark side.

Not, it’s not Halo or Dungeon Hunter kind of fun but in its own game genre, Blitz Blotz is definitely one of the best apps out there.


► Great visuals
► Online leader board
► No ads on the main screen
► Ridiculously great controls
► Power ups and achievements


► Needs more creative achievements and power ups
► Boss battles would add much more replay value


8.5/10 (changed from 8)




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