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Amazing Princess Sarah is a simple and old school like platformer that aims to rescue you from the boredom of your classes.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone

Amazing Princess Sarah Trailer



Windows Phone store lacks the quality platformers, The Princess of Sarah from xxx tries to fill the gap. Do they succeed? No.

Those who grew up with NES should be pleasantly surprised upon launching the Princess of Sarah, as this game has that old school feel that many seem to enjoy, however, as you begin playing, the very first annoying thing you will notice is controls. There’s no way to re-arange them and they just feel off, and the overall gameplay is pretty stale and boring although it keeps you going, at least until the very first boss fight when you are asked to buy the game.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a bad game, it has some serious potential, just needs more polish and not so restricted trial version.


► Boss fights appear to be epic
► Woman is a super hero, something new
► Gives that warm old school feel


► Trial is too short
► Repetitive and boring
► Weird controls




$1.99 (Trial)


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