BTC: Asphalt Overdrive – Review (Cross Platform Racing)


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Racing / Endless Runner


The latest Asphalt racing game from Gameloft is here. However, instead of improving the game this one pretty much became the worst of them all and feels more like an endless runner game than anything racing related.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
Windows 8

Asphalt Overdrive Trailer


Asphalt Overdrive Video Review

Asphalt Overdrive Review


After hearing about a new Asphalt game we got our hopes up high. However, after the very first play, we felt disappointed and let down. How could that even be possible, especially from a developer like Gameloft? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

Before beginning this review, let’s get few things out of the way: this is not a sequel to the Asphalt 8 series nor is this a racing game. Why?

Well, you’ll find out right after launching the game. First of all, you don’t get to control your car directly. Instead, you swipe either to the left or right and avoid the obstacles. That’s pretty much it. Now add a car garage, limited upgrades, few different racing modes and that’s where the variety ends.

Do we have anything good to say about this game? Well, it does have Xbox achievements, graphics are pretty good (although becoming dated), and it feels like a high quality game, just not a fun one.

Yes, there are few different modes (like running from the cops, smashing cars, doing stunts, etc.) and even boss battles (where you’ll have to beat him / her to advance to the next season) but it just does not feel right. And don’t forget to buy gold as pretty much everything here costs gold: car plates, paint jobs and so on.

At the end of the day, you’ll just have to swipe and repeat the very same process over and over again, with same maps, sound effects and annoying compliments on how great you drive.


All in all, this game fails as an “Asphalt” game and / or spin-off. However, if you are new to the series and haven’t played other Gameloft games before, it could stay on your Windows device at least for some time.


► Cross platform progress sync
► Has Xbox achievements
► Lots of cars


► Most stuff costs money / gold
► Becomes repetitive and boring really fast
► Annoying sound effects
► Needs much more levels






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