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Windows Phone
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$0.99 (Windows Phone / iOS)
Free (Android)


Turn Based RPG (Final Fantasy Clone)


Published by DigitalTales, Battleloot Adventure is a turn based RPG that aims to best Final Fantasy in every way.

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Battleloot Adventure Video Review

Battleloot Adventure Review


If you are into Final Fantasty like games (turn based strategy RPGs) then hold of your horses as Battleloot Adventures is not exactly something you have been waiting for. Why? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

As you launch the game, the very first impression is not exactly the great one. While the visuals look okay at the first sign, the user interface is not something the developer should be proud of. It’s confusing and cluttered. However, as you move on, the situation becomes better, much better.

The goal of this game is as simple as one might expect: you take turns with your characters and try to kill enemies before they kill you. To make things more interesting, you unlock new items and capabilities after pretty much every battle or two. And while that sounds interesting, it’s not exactly the greatest system that one can create, considering that at later levels, where you have already unlocked everything, any money or additional items become useless. In addition to that, if you buy an item (armor, ring, sword or anything), it can’t be sold later. As a result, it’s wiser just to keep saving money until you can afford the best gear and do that for every item. Otherwise, it’s money wasted.

While there re also talents and additional skills, they too become useless in later levels as you can pretty much kill anyone with a single turn when everything is maxed out. And while battles are pretty mun at first, it’s hard not to notice that the mechanics remain the same and there are no differences between first and last level, minus the 10x more damage indicator.

So what do you get if you finish the game? Nothing. It has no ending.


All in all, Battleloot Adventure does offer you a way to burn some time and even have some fun in return. However, considering it is not a free game, has no ending and battles are pretty much the same from level 1 till the very end, it’s hard to recommend this game to anyone but the most hardcore turn based strategy fans that have nothing else to play.


► Tons of levels and environments
► Better than average enemy variety
► Great art style
► Rich customization options
► Interesting take on defence vs. offence


► Terrible ending
► Game mechanics remain the same from start to finish
► Customization options are useless in later levels
► Uneven difficulty curve
► Slow battles
► Poor use of inventory




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