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Glozzle is a new and interesting puzzle game that tries both frustrate and blow your mind.

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Glozzle Video Review

Glozzle Review


It’s rare to see a new, fun and interesting puzzle game, considering that a lot of them are pretty much rehashed versions of a previously popular games. So what about Glozzle? The concept is not new but did developers put a twist and made it an enjoyable experience? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

The first impression of the game is really good, interesting and trippy visuals, some broken particles and a question on what you should do.

The answer? By manipulating camera with your fingers, you must find an angle that connects all the pieces together to produce a complete picture. Once you do that, the game advances to the next level, and the next, and so on. After more than a couple levels, you will be required to connect all items fro the previously completed levels at once and then the next chapter begins.

As far as the levels themselves go, they do start to feel pretty much the same, as there are no new mechanics being introduced and switching from easy to hard only increases the number of particles but adds no new challenges.

The experience is not as smooth as one would expect though. One of the most frustrating things in this game that prevents you from fully enjoying it is broken precision check. For example, while it could be a challenge to connect all the particles together, sometimes it takes a lot of manipulation for the game to accept that yes, you indeed found a way to put the pieces together and can proceed to the next level. Instead, it requires a surgeon like precision, which is not fun.


So do we recommend Glozzle? Definitely. It’s one of the more interesting puzzle games out there.

Will you have fun with it? Yes, you will. Will that fun last? Not really, but hey, it’s free so there is nothing to loose.


► Interesting twist on today’s puzzle games
► Nice visuals
► Easy to learn
► Over 3000 levels


► Gets repetitive really fast
► Frustrating precision requirements
► Harder levels are harder in a wrong (lazy development) way






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