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Candy Crush is probably the world’s most famous puzzle match game that will drive you nuts and give you sugar cravings. And yes, you’ll likely take it to the shower as well.

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Candy Crush Saga Review


By the time we write this review, I’m sure you’ve already heard and tried the famous Candy Crush Saga game. And if not, you are missing out. Be warned though, it’s super easy to get addicted to it and it’s not entirely free.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay and controls are pretty straightforward. All you need to do is match three or more pieces of candy together and eliminate the blocks. If you are wondering how exactly is this addictive, you need to download it and find out.

Once you open the game, the very first thing you might notice is the sheer amount of levels that it has (over 1500 if you combine both modes). That’s enough to keep you going for a year or even more, assuming it does not get repetitive.

So, does it? Well, in some cases it does, especially after frustrating levels, thankfully, the game tries to introduce some variety after each episode: time attacks, bring ingredients down to the bottom, eliminate all the goo, time bombs, point bombs and more.

When it comes to piece matching, there are a variety of different combos that can also be combined with one another and boy to they feel good. That’s pretty much it, there are no boss fights, or crazy things but it sure is addictive. Not to mention daily prizes for spinning wheel and that rush to win a jackpot.

On a downside, after completing each episode (except for first ones), you’ll be asked to either: wait (1-3 days, which is why we give this game 8 instead of 9), invite friends or pay up and that’s not fun. Fortunately, there’s another (night) mode, which can be played while waiting.


All in all, Candy Crush Saga is one of those toilet games that could make your legs go numb. It’s not too forceful on taking your money and can be both fun and frustrating at times, which is where you experience a sense of achievement and march towards the next level. Sounds interesting? Give it a go.


► Can be extremely addictive
► A mind boggling amount of levels
► Second (night) mode to keep things interesting
► Awesome power up combos


► Soundtrack is on repetitive side
► Gets repetitive after ~100 levels
► Could have boss fights
► Later levels are nearly impossible without paying
► Annoying time wait after completing episode




Free (Power Ups Are Paid)


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