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Arcade Shooter


Chicken Invaders 3 is a classic arcade shooter that was originally released on more than a decade ago.

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Chicken Invaders 3 Review


If you are reading this post, there is a high probability that you have already played Chicken Invaders 3 either on your PC, is it any good on a phone however? Let’s find out!

Gameplay & Controls

Upon launching the game, you are instantly flooded with the fond memories of the PC version. The first impression is pretty good, especially since you are instantly thrown into action with power ups and a boss before you, thankfully, positive vibes remain thorough the gameplay.

The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward too. You are given a choice of weapons that you can change during your missions by grabbing different color gift boxes, a super weapon that destroys pretty much everything on screen and weapon upgrades, which means that your shooting experience just keeps getting better and better.

Thankfully, if you die, you don’t lose the power ups like in other games. Instead, it is simply downgraded by a level or too and guess what? Weapons are also transferred to the next levels so the never ending fun of shooting chickens does not stop.

Considering all the positives, does the game have any drawbacks? Well, it does. The graphics desperately need upgrade and the overall experience feels like you are playing a classic rather than a modern game, which means that you will also need to forget about cross platform sync, achievements or any other “new age” goodies.


All in all, Chicken Invaders 3 did not loose its magic formula and shooting chickens is still a lot of fun. Not to mention the constant craving for burgers, chicken legs and coins. If you have few bucks to spend and don’t mind old school graphics, then this game won’t disappoint you.


► Shooting chickens is still as fun as ever
► Boss fights and bonus levels
► Great weapon and upgrade variety
► Has strong replay value


► Needs more boss variety
► Blurry visuals, not optimized for full HD
► Bit on expensive side
► No cross platform sync


8.5/10 (Changed from 9)


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