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Endless Runner


Crossy Road is a free and highly popular endless runner / hopper game from Hipster Whale for all the top mobile platforms.

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Crossy Road Video Review

Crossy Road Review


According to developers Crossy Road has been downloaded more than 50 million times. So why exactly is this game so popular? Let’s find out!

Gameplay & Controls

If you are in your twenties or thirties then there is a high probability that Crossy Road will look pretty familiar to you as it features game mechanics from none other than the popular NES game called Frogger.

Just like in Frogger, the main goal of his game is just to keep leaping forward, avoiding moving cars and other objects. The first thing you will notice when you launch Crossy Road is the amazing visuals that it provides. They sort of remind us of Minecraft but with much more vivid and more visually pleasing graphics.

If you are wondering why exactly is this game so addicting, here is why: characters. You begin with one and have an ability (by collecting coins) to unlock almost 100 of them. Thanks to occasional free coin gifts, you just want to keep playing.

However, unlike other games where you just get a new skin and same map, Crossy Road does so in a wonderful way: most of these characters have unique abilities / animations and even different maps. So when you unlock a new character, you will never know what exactly will it do. Will it change the map, burn cars, fart rainbows out of his arse or turn the whole map into a giant disco club. It’s just incredible and so rewarding.

For example: yesterday I was playing with a kangaroo and won 490 coins (100 coins unlock one character). Then I switched to an elephant, which made me laugh so much. After that I found out that I had an ability to unlock a secret character by simply playing with the one called XI.

The best thing about this game is that it’s free and the freemium model is not aggressive, which means that you can’t pay to beat the level, can’t pay to get an unfair advantage or anything, you can simply pay to unlock characters, that’s it, no ads as well.


Crossy Road is the game that just keeps on giving. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fun, coin rewards are addicting and the character selection blew us away.


► Incredible graphics
► Amazing number of unique characters
► Secret characters
► Easy to learn, hard to master
► Has no ads
► Freemium model is very well made
► Game is super generous at giving you new characters
► Free coin gifts and free character trials


► Could include achievements
► Points don’t sync across Windows platforms


9.5/10 (Changed from 9)




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