Extreme Wheelchairing – Review (Simulator / Racing)


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Windows Phone
iPhone / iPad


Simulator / Racing


If you’ve ever had a burning desire to drive at high speeds with a wheel chair then take a look at Extreme Wheelchairing for WP, iOS and Android.

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Extreme Wheelchairing Video Review

Extreme Wheelchairing Review


In a world of boring and repetitive racing games where there were no improvements for quite some time now, can a new contender, Extreme Wheelchairing, take the wheel? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

So the very first impression of this game is actually pretty bad as you have no idea what to expect. How so? The frustrating controls instantly become your worst nightmare. You might think there should be nothing hard about controlling the wheel chair but it’s not as easy as some expect. In fact the controls behave opposite to the way you have used to. Therefore, turning left wheel forward will steer you right and vice versa. What’s the goal of the gameplay? Going from point A to point B, that’s it.

But that’s where the fun of this game actually is, assuming you get over the awkwardness and complete first few levels, the game grows on you and you want to complete one more level (as there is a limited number of them). In addition to that, the game itself has a pretty steady and fair difficulty curve so it’s always one step below the “rage quit”.

However, the later levels do feel kind of repetitive and you do want more and different challenges. Maybe an AI or a local wifi multiplayer option, anything but going from point A to point B on every single level.


► Frustrating controls
► Really challenging
► Steady difficulty curve
► Nice graphics
► Does not have in app purchases
► Has achievements


► Frustrating controls (can be both a good and a bad thing)
► Gets repetitive after a while
► Needs more levels
► A local wifi option would be awesome






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