Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party – Review (Strategy)



Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party is a sequel and/or expansion of a highly popular game under the same title. If you are looking for a family friendly experience, this might be it.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
Windows 8

Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party Trailer


Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party Review


When you learn that the game you are about to play is all about farms and cows, it doesn’t exactly bring a lot of excitement, in fact, it might be the opposite. Can Farm Frenzy be an exception? Is it a breath of fresh air or just a stinky game? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

If you haven’t heard about Farm Frenzy before, you are either have been living under the rock or are new to the smartphone games, which is fine since you are about to learn what the buzz is all about.

The game idea is simple: you are placed in a farm and are given a pre-set list of goals, such as: collecting milk, producing cheese or baking a pizza. As with everything in this life, it all starts with an egg. After you collect enough of those, you put them in a back of your car and sell eggs in the market. Depending on your mission objectives, you can use the money to buy more chickens, build production facilities or even get a pet.

After you done playing a couple of newbie friendly missions, Farm Frenzy starts throwing at you bears that can either make or break you as not only do they kill your animals but can also be caught and sold in the marketplace, giving you a quick and easy way to earn some additional cash.

The fun does not stop here though, soon you will be upgrading your car, airplane, buildings and even buying some new ones. As you progress, chickens are replaced with goats, goats with cows and cows with pigs, which while fun can become tiresome in later levels as the overall game mechanics do not change that much.

However, it’s not all easy going from there. As you will learn soon, Farm Frenzy does not like poorly executed missions and offers you no choice but to replay them, which is fun since they are only a couple of minutes long and aren’t that frustrating. The better job you do at the farm, the more starts you will earn and let me tell you, they are essential to your success. Why? Stars are used to unlock new buildings, upgrade your car, enhance buildings and train your pets. It’s like an RPG game within a game.

Those are not the only surprises though and we wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you, especially since it involves a lot of fun (and sometimes hard) work, but hey, that’s what farm is all about, right?


So is Farm Frenzy worth your time? If you enjoyed the original game and don’t mind the repetition, that’s a no brainer, you will enjoy the Pizza Party too; and if you never played similar games before, then let me tell you, there was no better time than to join the party right now.


► Surprisingly addictive
► Lots of different levels and upgrades
► Short levels allow for a quick play
► Easy to learn and good for all ages
► Requires replaying poorly executed missions in order to move forward


► Not optimized for the high resolution displays
► Feels repetitive in later stages
► Slow loading times






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