Fingers Rush – Review (Endless Runner)


Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
Android (as MMM Fingers)
iPhone / iPad (as MMM Fingers)


Endless Runner


Developed by Gipnetix, Fingers Rush is a highly popular iOS / Android game “MMM Fingers” clone for the Windows Phone.

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Fingers Rush Video Review

Fingers Rush Review


Android and iOS users have had MMM Fingers for quite some time and now it looks like Gipnetix studios is ready to deliver the very similar experience to the Windows Phone platform as well. Is it any good? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

The controls of this game are really simple and smooth. All you do is hold your finger on the screen (just be sure to never let it go or the game will end) and try to avoid various obstacles that move in different patterns.

As you might expect, it’s an endless runner game, which means that there is no real way to beat it. Thankfully, Fingers Rush features the highest and average score marks, adding more replay value as you go.

If you thought that the gameplay sounds easy, give it a try, on our first plays we only managed to reach ~100 and only after a lot of practice did we get the “platinum” medal, which also unlocked one more achievement. And speaking of achievements, this game actually features quite a few of them, including the ridiculous ones like ending the game at a specific score and so on. Is that bad? No, not really.


All things combined, Fingers Rush is a pretty fun and addicting game that frustrates at first but then rewards you in a long term. Assuming you can’t play the original, we definitely recommend you this one.


► Highly addicting and fun gameplay
► Smooth controls and animations
► Beautiful art
► Features achievements


► Needs more enemy variety
► “Fail” sound effect get annoying


9/10 (changed from 8.5)




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  • BogMan

    The game is quite fun at first, but would probably get boring later.

  • you

    ripoff of mmm fingers