Flappy Eros – Review (Endless Flappy Bird Clone)


Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
iPhone / iPad


Free (In App Purchases)


Arcade Shooter


Flappy Eros is an endless runner that combines both power ups and Flappy Bird like gameplay.

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Flappy Eros Review


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so then Flappy Bird or its clones should not surprise you. However, the creators behind Flappy Eros tries to advance the formula. Did they succeed? Let’s find out!

Gameplay & Controls

Upon launching the game, you are not greeted with a tutorial or anything as the game creator’s assume that you are already pretty familiar with the control mechanics or the game idea in general, and they are right, as all you do is tap your fingers and it takes less than 10 seconds to get the idea.

However, when it comes to mastering the game, it will take you hours. If you are not familiar with Flappy Bird then her is a short summary: you tap fingers and bring the Eros up, not tapping anywhere will make him go down, so as aa result, you keep tapping and tapping while trying to avoid various obstacles.

How is this different from other Flappy Bird clones? Well, it does try to make the gameplay easier and more fun (minus the annoying wait times for the free version that don’t become an issue after you master the game). Here you have achievements that certainly help with the addiction element, especially when you have completed 80 of 100 flaps, you will want to continue playing. In addition to that, you have an ability to collect hears that are spent on various power ups, like: magnets, front protection, head protection, legs protection and our favorite: the expansion of narrow corridors.

That’s all as far as the gameplay goes.


Once you master the game, you do end up going pretty far and it becomes much more fun than the Flappy Bird, at least for us. All in all, we do recommend giving this game a try, just be warned, at the beginning it will be somewhat annoying as the game asks you to wait after a certain amount of deaths.


► Achievement integration
► Great graphics and smooth gameplay
► Power ups add more fun
► Still as fun as Flappy Bird


► Free version is pretty annoying at the beginning
► No Windows 10 support
► Upgrades are fun but get boring quickly




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