Halo: Spartan Assault – Review (Cross Platform Top Down Shooter)



Top Down Shooter


Halo: Spartan Assault is a cross platform, top down action shooter from 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
Windows 8

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Halo: Spartan Assault Video Review

Halo: Spartan Assault Review


It’s hard to create a great mobile top down shooter, which does not ruin the experience with awful controls or jerky gameplay. So, did Halo: Spartan Assault succeed or failed? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

Upon launching the game and some quality cinematics, you get a strong first impression that this is indeed a triple A mobile game. Place your thumbs on your phone / tablet and you are ready for some action.

The first real test? Game controls and 343 Industries has definitely nailed this part of the game. As in most shooters, you use one hand to control your movement while another one is used to shooter and change the direction. You’ll never notice any issues (with the exception of Windows 8 version when controlling vehicles, at least for the first few missions), and there is no need to worry that they will get between you and the game.

As far as the graphics and visual effects go, they are also awesome; flying particles, explosions, and all kinds of cool effects just add to the eye candy that everyone adores. As you play thorough the levels, achievements and badges will start popping up. You killed 2 enemies in a row? Here’s something for you! Three or four? Have more badges! It’s just a celebration of every action you take and yes, they do serve a purpose, a purpose of unlocking all golden stars.

Then there are vehicles and towers, once you take them over, the destruction part of the game begins, it’s just feels great to be that powerful and smash through waves of enemies. Fortunately, the game is pretty balanced and challenging so it’s not overpowered where the fun is eliminated after the very first play.

Unfortunately, there is one issue with this game: Fremium model, which asks you to pay money if you want to get different weapons before the start of each mission, as well as boosters and so on. It’s not really fair considering the price of the game ($4.99).


All in all, Halo: Spartan Assault is a must try game for everyone out there, even if you are not a fan or haven’t even played the previous games, amazing graphics and top notch controls will hook anyone that enjoys shooters in general.

P.S. There is also a lite version / free trial, which you can check here (Windows Phone).


► Amazing controls on Windows Phone
► Beautiful graphics and effects
► Cross platform data sync
► Xbox achievements
► Badges add additional challenges and replay value
► Driving vehicles is awesome
► A lot of different weapons and power ups
► Addicting and challenging levels


► Such expensive game should not have freemium game features
► Expansion pack bug remains unfixed for more than a year
► Needs more enemy variety






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