Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores – Review (Puzzle)


Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
iPhone / iPad


$0.99 (Android) + $1.99 for a Forgotten Shores Expansion
$3.99 (iOS, Windows Phone) + $1.99 for a Forgotten Shores Expansion




Monument Valley is a new age puzzle game from UsTwo studios, which has already won tons of awards and could very well win one more.

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Monument Valley Video Review

Monument Valley Review


When you look at the Monument Valley screenshots, there is something about you that just asks you to install it. However, is this where the great impression ends? Let’s find out!

Gameplay & Controls

Upon starting Monument Valley, the very first impression is actually pretty spectacular. Unlike most of the games, it does not offer any tutorials or hints, you are left on your own and that is actually a good thing. As a result, you feel like you are not playing a game but rather exploring the world around you.

The goal of the game is rather simple too, you just have to go from point A to point the B and as you might imagine, this being a puzzle game, it’s not really that simple, or is it? As you continue exploring various levels, more and more puzzle elements are introduced, from knobs to perspective shifts and so on. If you expect hardcore puzzles though, look for another game as the overall game mechanics and challenges themselves are rather simple and the whole game (minus expansion) can be completed in an hour or two.

That’s not a necessarily a bad thing, you see, we feel like this game is more about the experience rather than boasting your IQ. Instead of making puzzles that are frustrating and cause players to quit and never finish the game (which would be a real shame), Monument Valley developers have decided to make it more appealing to the broad audience, whether that is a good or a bad thing depends on your preferences.

So do we actually like the game? Despite being on a short side, we do! Monument Valley is best described by one of the most popular sayings in the world: it’s not the reward that counts it’s the journey and boy was it a good one.


Monument Valley feels more than just your average puzzle game, it’s an experience, a journey and a well crafted one, which can blow you away; and for this very reason I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves not too hard puzzles, beautifully crafted worlds or both.


► Visually stunning
► The whole world feels alive rather than static
► Great and different level variety
► The whole gameplay experience is just awesome
► Does not get repetitive or boring
► One of the best puzzle games we have played


► Some controls feel too sensitive
► Pretty expensive
► Way too short and too easy for a $3.99 game
► Progress is not saved in the cloud




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