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Tower Defense


Prime World Defenders takes a decade old tower defense genre and tries to refresh it with a set of new power ups, cards and fusion system.

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Prime World Defenders Review


Prime Word Defenders goes for a freemium model wit this tower defense game, offering a new take on power ups and gameplay. Does it succeed? Let’s find out!

Gameplay & Controls

Upon launching the game, you might be instantly put back by the confusing user interface and complexity, at least that’s what happened for us, but since we had to do a review, there was no option but to keep playing.

Despite the first bad impression, the gameplay is actually pretty cool. Instead of having just a tower or two to start and then unlocking additional units or power ups, PWD relies on a card system, which means that you randomly get cards that may unlock additional towers or upgrade existing ones. This approach is definitely much more fun than in your standard tower defense game. As you move forward, different elements are introduced, as well as upgrade system, which basically requires you to fuse cards and then evolve them into much better towers. First option gives you instant boost while the second one requires you to spend money ingame to upgrade to level two or three, just like in most games.

Despite the great approach, it does bring one flaw, at least for nonpaying users: last levels can become punishing because you have unknowingly sold then useless tower. And since there is a limited amount of cards you can keep at the given time, this is pretty much unavoidable. However, the game tries to redeem itself with ability to upgrade your overall “character” with stars or gold, which requires grinding at later stages.


All in all, Prime World Defenders is an interesting take on a tower defense game genre, which is currently flooded with boring and uninteresting clones. While overhelming at first, PWD will definetelly give you a sense of achievement and provide at least few hours of fun and addicintg gameplay.


► A fresh take on power ups with fusion and evolution system
► Tons of different levels
► Great, non cartoon like visuals
► Enjoyable enemy variety
► Amazing list of weapons


► Requires grinding to complete final levels
► Some “unique” weapons feel pretty useless
► Text is on a smaller side on the 1080p phones




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