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Robotek is a free multiplayer and single player strategy game for Windows Phone 8. Combining the elements of luck, skill and tactics, it’s an easy to learn but hard to master type of game.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
Windows 8

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Robotek Review


When it comes to addicting multi-player games, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 market place is still lacking. Fortunately, Hexagen is looking to fill this hole with their latest (and free) game, Robotek.

As you can see in the trailer above, the company employees are clearly a fans of colorful graphics and great music, which is exactly what makes Robotek so appealing. Who knew, sometimes you don’t need blood and other gizmos to attract both casual and hardcore gamers that too need to take a break from games like Guns 4 Hire or Dredd vs. Zombies.

Gameplay & Controls

Robotek gameplay is divided into two campaigns: single and multi player, for better or worse the mechanics remain the same so there’s really no difference what you chose, although be warned that you will get two separate robots and any progress you made in your single player campaign, won’t be transferred to the multi player.

The gameplay idea is rather simple: both players are presented with a choice: build units, turns odds to your favor or rely on a brute force power. Next you are asked to roll 3 dices, which is what makes gameplay so unpredictable. As you might expect, triples will get you the best units, strongest attacks and most powerful tactics and depending on your luck, each decision can either make or break you.

There are all kinds of crazy attacks and units. By building robots, you can either go for an increase in damage or chose a more conservative option, which will sacrifice attack power for an increase in health points. Then there are shields, attack bonuses and hacking, the former is a lot of fun when you manage to steal enemy’s most powerful unit and give yourself a nice boost for both offense and defense powers.

As you progress throughout the battle, you will see odds constantly changing, keeping the game engaging and frustrating at the same time. Sometimes you will roll triples and get few extra turns, yet other times there is nothing you can do other than watch your opponent destroying your units as you have the worst possible luck imaginable.

After leveling up, you will be presented with a variety of choices that promise to improve your odds, for example: you can increase dodge capabilities of your robots, boost the damage or reduce the penalty of failed hacking. Unfortunately, Robotek does a poor job at explaining your odds. We have spent 5 coins to improve our hacking skill (which, in case of a failure, has a chance to temporary disable your opponent’s unit). The problem? We have no idea what is the default percentage and what kind of chance are we talking about. Do 5 points increase your chances 10% or 50%? One can only guess. Even after obtaining quite a few points, it still felt as if game relied more on luck than RPG elements, which is a shame.

These are not the only flaws though. During our testing period, we saw players disconnecting, losers suddenly winning and winners losing (which as frustrating as it can get). If you can get past that and just want some casual fun, Robotek might be a good game to try.


It’s hard to complain about a free and multi player game, especially when you combine elements of both gambling and instant gratification. While the initial release still lacks some of the features (like ability to play with your friends rather than strangers or refined RPG elements), you should definitely give it a go.

During your first hour, you might even hate the game and swear not to play it again, ever, yet, 30 minutes later, you will come back, calm and ready to roll the triples and kick your opponents ass. Gambling is an addicting thing, who knew?


► Windows Phone 8 rready
► Very colorful graphics and great soundtrack
► Does not require spending money to complete a singe player campaign
► Windows 8 / RT version
► Gambling is as addicting as it can be
► RPG elements add a nice touch


► Feels more like a luck than strategy thing
► Multiplayer functions and players are lacking
► RPG upgrade explanations are not clear about chance increase
► Could use more RPG elements so combat bad luck






Windows Phone

Windows 8 / RT

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    Robotek is on Win8 too.

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