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Space Tube is a free (and paid), racing / flying game by Philippe Wechsler. If you ever wanted to know what is it like to have hallucinations, download Space Tube, turn off the lights and see what happens.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone

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Space Tube Review


It’s rare to see a good racing game that is actually fun rather than frustrating. As our experience has shown, developers are still battling to create a virtual game pad that can match physical buttons, although there are very few exceptions.

What about Space Tube? The good news is that there are no game pad buttons, instead it relies on your phone’s accelerometer and tilt controls. Does it fail or succeed? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

As the game begins, you are greeted with a soundtrack that will keep you a company for as long as you play, yes, there is only one but it blends so well that it rarely gets annoying.

You know what they say about the first impression? Well, don’t let the first levels fool you. As you start your journey, there is not much you can do, few minor obstacles that offer little to no challenge. You might think that it’s easy and boring but thanks to great and responsive controls, you will continue playing. Is this necessary? Yes, because it does not punish new players and instead, relies on a difficulty curve that is very well balanced. Little do you know that after you learn all the basics, the game will piss rainbows all over you and you will drown in them (literally).

As Space Tube introduces new challenges (such as time attack and the point competitions that require you to take huge risks), additional colorful patterns and picks up the pace, dull looking tunnel disappears and that’s when the real fun begins. And that’s what makes Space Tube so fun and addicting, unlike the majority of games that peak in the middle, Space Tube finishes on a high note.

However, you don’t need to reach last levels to enjoy the game, there will be a breaking point when you will lose yourself. Just turn off the lights, crank up the music and watch the color patterns unfold. Be warned though, once you close your eyes, the game will still keep going…


If you are up for some pumping adrenaline action that overloads your sensory organs (in a good way), there is no contest, Space Tube is the game to try. Crazy patterns, speed bumps and insane combination of colors will make your trip worthwhile.

All we need now is Space Tube 2, with ability to play own playlists, amazing multiplayer and more colors.


► Windows Phone 8 ready
► Progressive difficulty curve
► Different modes keep the game going
► Lots of different patterns to adapt to
► The game keeps getting better with every level
► Second half of levels are simply insane, colors, colors everywhere
► Bonus levels are ridiculously crazy


► Requires creating an account for achievements
► Only one soundtrack
► Lacks good volume controls





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