Tentacles: Enter the Mind – Review (Cross Platform Arcade Platformer)



Arcade Platformer


One of the best arcade platformers on Windows Phone. Addictive, free and without over the top freemium limitations.

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
Windows 8

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Tentacles: Enter the Mind Review


Back in 2012, Microsoft and Press Play have released Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin for Windows Phone 7, which we loved. Now, after the software giant has purchased the company, they made a sequel. Is it a good one? Let’s find out.

Gameplay & Controls

If you’ve played the original Tentacles game back in the day, then you’re probably one of many who are disappointed that it did not work on Windows Phone 8. Fortunately, there’s now a sequel and it has evolved to 3D!

Once you launch the game, the first thing you’ll notice is beautiful visuals and art style, it’s cartoonish, trippy and it won’t let you go.

The gameplay and controls are pretty similar to the original game, you tap on objects to kill them and/or move forward. Start tapping quickly and it will start running. The controls are incredibly intuitive.

So what do you do in the game? The goal is to reach the brain at the end of the level (and there are many of them). On your way you will find various enemies that you can destroy with your tentacles (and rip their eyes off) as well as some challenges.

As the game progresses, you are offered to buy bombs, shields, health and most importantly, various body parts, each having its special abilities and bonuses. The most fun aspect however are eggs / hammers, which you collect during the game and crack them for some awesome rewards.

After around 10 levels, one (and only) game flaw appears: a lack of variety, be it both levels or monsters, it just feels like you have done this before and the only thing that brings you forward is the story or that urge to collect enough coins for a new body upgrade. You could even say it has some grinding elements to it but thankfully, it’s not due to the freemium model.


We were pretty sceptical when we heard about this game first (mostly due to the 3D design) and wondered how could they pull it off. Well, they did and it’s awesome. Despite some repetitive levels, Tentacles: Enter The Mind is one of the best platformers out there that you can easily complete without any purchases. We highly recommend this game and can’t wait for a sequel.


► Amazing graphics and art style
► Xbox Live Achievements
► Cross platform
► Addictive and easy to learn gameplay
► Responsive controls / camera that work with this 3D level design
► A variety of levels
► Does not force you to pay money to win


► Gameplay starts to feel repetitive
► Poor enemy variety
► No boss battles






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