The Path of Kara – Review (Puzzle Match)



The Path of Kara is an addictive puzzle adventure game from Anshar Studios with a variety of different levels, occasional boss fights, story and a great visual art. When was the last time you played a gem match game like that?

Supported Platforms

Windows Phone

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The Path of Kara Review


Meet The Path of Kara, a puzzle adventure game that tries to solve the main issue with games in this genre: boredom.

Upon launching the game, you can instantly tell that developers have put a lot off effort into it as you are greeted with nice visuals and a soundtrack that reminds of games like Heroes of Might and Magic.

Unlike the majority of games in this genre, The Path of Kara tries to keep you engaged with a continuous story that gives you a small sense of achievement and over 70 different environments.

Gameplay & Controls

When it comes to the actual gameplay, it relies on a well-known formula: match identical items and eliminate them from the grid. However, while mechanics remain the same, the gameplay does feel different. As you travel along, Kara will be fighting spiders, assembling ladders, fixing swords and all kinds of crazy things.

The overall controls do feel responsive most of the time although they are slightly below those of Wordament. The majority of your time will be spent playing a game without putting much effort into it as The Path of Kara targets the casual audience and doesn’t really want you to think, which is a shame since once you are past first 20 levels, it starts to get boring without any substantial challenges.

Fortunately, the game tries to redeem itself with a couple of boss fights and a small amount of levels that require you to think ahead such as the ladder level and the last 5 stages.


When you combine a simple and addictive gameplay with constantly changing environments, The Path of Kara is a hard game to match on a Windows Phone platform. Unfortunately, while visuals do look nice they are not really optimized for the HD resolution displays, which is a shame, since they do look top notch.


► Boss fights
► Great visuals and music
► A variety of different levels
► More than just another gem match game


► Lacks difficult levels
► Too easy gameplay becomes boring in later levels
► Not optimized for the HD resolution displays






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