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Windows Phone
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Physics Puzzle


Ultraflow is a challenging yet so simple puzzle game that is available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms.

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Ultraflow Review


Creating an addicting and not too frustrating puzzle game is extremely challenging. Even worse, some inject ads after every level, making the experience even worse. What about Ultraflow? Let’s find out!

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay idea is simple: you are given a circle, which you have to push in a way so it reaches the black hole. What’s the catch? You have a limited number of times that the ball can bounce, which means that every move has to be calculated.

That’s pretty much it as far as the gameplay mechanics go but boy is this game addicting. We’ve finished 97 levels in a single sitting, which is pretty much all the game (there are 99 levels total). What makes this game even better is the double tap to replay function, which means that it can become super-fast paced, with no loading screens, no ads or anything else. It’s just you and the game.

Every dozen levels the gameplay variety changes, new objects and challenges appear, sometimes you are required to push the ball as fast as you can while other times it can’t bounce once so you are left with nothing else but precision. It’s fun, fun, fun.


Ultraflow is incredible, as simple as that and becomes our first 10/10 game. It’s free, it has no ads and you must try it! So, enough reading, grab it below.


► Free and without any ads
► Extremely addicting and easy to learn
► Great explosion effects
► All levels feel unique and different
► Does not get boring


► Could have more levels
► No achievements






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