Zombies Can’t Jump – Review (Strategy)


Supported Platforms

Windows Phone
iPhone / iPad


Strategy / Arcade


Zombies Can’t Jump is a free game for all platforms that fits three genres: strategy, tower defense and arcade.

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Zombies Can’t Jump Review


If you do enjoy tower defense / strategy games and love killing zombies, then Zombies Can’t Jump could very well satisfy your cravings. At least for a little while.

Gameplay & Controls

Upon launching the game, you are greeted with a fun music, nice visuals and smooth animations. Your goal? Kill all the zombies that are coming your way and don’t let them touch you. How do you do that?

Well, the gameplay goes like this: you build boxes (3 is the max), climb on top of them and shoot zombies that are trying to smash them and reach you. As zombies come from the both sides, you get to control two gunners and it’s for you to decide whether or not you want to let them defend each side on their own or do a coop and kill one wave faster.

How is this exciting? Well, you do get power ups and enter into a frenzy mode, which will switch to a different kind of weapon and build boxes faster. As you progress throughout the levels, different enemies appear (although we still want to see wider enemy variety), more weapons become available for both normal and frenzy modes as well as some extras like mines and TNT.
Unfortunately, the gameplay itself does not change much as it’s same box building over and over again. However, we do admit that it’s pretty fun, at least during first levels.


So what’s our conclusion? Well, Zombies Can’t Jump will definitely get you hooked. Unfortunately, it won’t be for long. So do we recommend this game? Well, if it was free than obviously, otherwise it’s a 50/50 toss. Do we regret spending $1.99? Not really but there are better games for that kind of money.


► Great visuals
► Has a strong hooking point at first
► Different weapons allow for different strategies


► Needs more enemy variety
► Needs more challenge variety
► Fun at first but gets repetitive after 10 levels




$1.99 / Free (Android)


Windows Phone Download

iPhone / iPad Download Android Download

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