Need for Speed (2015) Quick Review (Xbox One, PS4 and PC)


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Arcade Racing


Need for Speed (2015) is probably the most hyped NFS that I have ever seen, not only were we all waiting for it but for some weird reason, pretty much everyone expected to be one of the best racing games in the series. Did it deliver? No.

Need for Speed (2015) Trailer

Need for Speed (2015) Quick Review

Gameplay & Controls

Before we begin, I simply wanted to congratulate EA, as this is the very first game (ever) to receive a quick rather than a detailed review. Why? Because it’s not worth it.

I really wanted to like this game but NFS 2015 simply does not deliver. After just finishing Rivals (which was a pretty decent racing game), I got to play the latest generation game and while I don’t like to complain about graphics, it looks pretty much identical to the previous 360, PS3 games. That’s a disappointment number one.

Then there is a fake social element, where you are forced to answer your imaginary phone, read messages and all that jazz. Why do you need that in a racing game? And that brings us to the racing part, which I’d rather post in a conclusion section so here we go…


It’s just bland and unfinished, without split screen, without 1st person camera, no manual transmission, horrible racing AI and even worse cops (much downgraded compared to Rivals), locked out abilities and much more.

Here’s my tip for you: avoid like a plague.


► Good effort on trying to allow customization


► Everything else (see conclusion)



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